PVC Double Color Spinneret Carpet Production Line

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Two - color spinneret carpet production line

Two-color plastic sprayed carpet, the plastic wire, foam film composite molding. Two-color spinneret carpet products with soft, anti-aging, easy to clean, easy to use advantages. Mainly used in hotels, hotels and families, in front of the foot pad. The plastic monochrome spinneret was extruded from an extruder, and the plastic two-color spinneret was extruded by two extruders. Plastic sprayed carpet, also known as two-color Polaroid mats, extruded through the extruder, spinneret mold spinneret, bake Road heating calendering plastic wire, foam film composite molding. Equipment Process Extruder - Mold - Sizing Sink - Dryer - Hanging Machine - Tractor - Drying Box - Winding Machine

Uses: shops, public places, families, hospitals, elevators, stairs, gyms, hotels, office products using environmentally friendly high-quality PVC material raw materials, bright colors lasting, easy to fade. Unique full of toughness spinneret structure, scraper scraper, wear-resistant tensile, anti-mildew antibacterial. Dry state, excellent ability to decontaminate; have the state of water decontamination capacity and excellent water absorption performance. Silk thread pad spring line design, pedal soft and comfortable, easy to clean. Composite import green materials, anti-static, fire retardant. PVC anti-slip back, stickers to better anti-skid, marketing the world. A variety of sizes. Can be customized elevator blanket, blanket blanket, irregular carpet door mats, advertising blankets and so on.

Daily care:
1, the mat overturned, shake off the sand, through the bottom of the mat is no need to flip, directly shake off the sand.
2, with a vacuum cleaner to suck the mat between the surface and the gap between the fibers.
3, clean the floor clean up.
4, re-placed a good mat.

The unit from the top of the silk to the bottom of the foam layer of the formation, and the compound once completed, the soft spinneret layer step up to feel comfortable and corrosion-resistant effect, the replacement of different colors, you can produce different colors of the mat.
With a high degree of automation, product quality and stability, high efficiency. Products with dust and moisture, non-slip soft, anti-aging, easy to clean, easy to use and other characteristics.
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