Wire broom

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Wire broom


This machine is my company with reference to foreign advanced equipment, with tens of years experience in injection molding machine production, development and the upgrading of products, polyester, nylon, polypropylene as raw materials to produce all kinds of hollow, solid round wire can be made PET/PA/PP broom (broom) wire, Mao Shuasi, tooth brush wire high intensity round wire ideal equipment.


This unit is made up of ten parts, which are extruder, head, cooling water tank, five roller traction machine, hot water tank, five roller traction machine, oil tank, light wire, frame type and electric control box.


Two, features:


1, the use of high strength alloy steel screw, with good plastic performance, extrusion, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc..


2, the novel die head structure, easy to replace the filter screen, heat resistant alloy wire, wire size uniform.


3, the first, two five roller traction machine set up linkage device, to achieve speed adjustment.


4, cold, hot water tank made of stainless steel, never rust.


5, box type winding by torque motor winding. Using optical fiber, the rolling line, the collection of smooth noise, energy saving, good reliability.

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